The US National Institutes of Health [NIH] grants Emory University funding for a Second Fatty Liver Trial; in Pediatric NASH, using IMM-124E [the underlying technology used in "Protectyn"] Read More HERE

Protectyn's underlying technology turned to yet another disease target! "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)" Read More HERE

Below, is a video demonstrating the potent natural power of the underlying technology, from which "Protectyn" is developed. This technology continues to be rigorously evaluated in clinical trials and is now being turned, by the developers, toward an increasing number of disease targets.

The technology, is now officially under research evaluation, for a Shigella vaccine, by the United States Army, through the world renowned "Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)". [More information on the "WRAIR" HERE]



What the Protectyn technology all about......

The underlying concept driving the development of "Protectyn" is to offer people an oral immune therapy, for the alteration of the systemic immune system, by impacting the guts own immune system. The reasoning being, is the use of an oral immune therapy is a method for alteration of the systemic immune system. This is actioned by an effect, on the inherit mechanism, by which the GI immune system, either inhibits or promotes its own reaction towards the oral administration of adjuvnats, antigens and/or antibodies. Read More HERE

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