The technology, behind “Protectyn”!

What the technology, is all about......

The underlying concept driving the development of "Protectyn" is to offer people, an oral immune therapy for the alteration of the systemic immune system, by impacting the guts own immune system. The reasoning being, is the use of an oral immune therapy is a method for alteration of the systemic immune system. This is actioned by an effect, on the inherit mechanism, by which the GI immune system, either inhibits or promotes its own reaction towards the oral administration of adjuvnats, antigens and/or antibodies.

A persons gut immune system, has a particular capability, to determine between harmful antigens, which are capable of inducing inflammatory responses, and harmless epitopes which can promote tolerance. Dendritic cells, along with other innate cells, participate in this process.

An oral immune therapy offers a platform type of technology, for a variety disease targets, this approach has limited side effects or toxicity issues, resulting from it not associated with the bodies general immune suppression, and it therefore does not promote the risk of malignancy or severe infection, and is well tolerated by users.

The oral immune therapy approach targets the basic gut immune system, such as NKT cells and dendritic cells, to send out a signal to the systemic immune system and promote regulatory T cells (Tregs) that suppresses inflammation at the site of disease. The particular focus of the effect, is therefore dependent, on the region of inflammation.

Furthermore, oral immune therapy focuses the gut microbiome, thereby impacting NASH along with metabolic syndrome, through the alteration of the balance, between pro and anti-inflammatory-inducing cells.

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