AmplifyRP Acceler8 for BBTV,Complete Kit


Cat No: ACS 24700/0008




Cat No. ACS 24700/0008
Applications AmplifyRP
Application Notes Test Label: Biotin labeled primer / FITC probe
Test Format: AmplifyRP® Acceler8®
Assay Sensitivity: 5 copies of cloned BBTV plasmid per reaction.
Kit Components Includes:
Acceler8® reaction pellets (8)
Amplicon detection chambers (8)
PD1 Pellet diluent (1.0 ml)
AMP1 extraction buffer (20 mL)
Sample extraction bags (8)
1µl transfer loops (10)
User Guide
Features & Benefits AmplifyRP® Acceler8® for BBTV is a rapid DNA amplification and detection platform designed for field-based or laboratory testing of banana crops for Banana bunchy top virus.

BBTV is transmitted by the banana aphid and is a major threat to banana growing regions. Plants that are infected may show symptoms of "bunched" leaves at the top of the plant and new leaves may have difficulty emerging. Plants with symptoms often do not produce fruit and serve as a source of inoculum for aphids to feed on and spread the pathogen. (College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Plant Disease Dec. 1997 PD-12).

AmplifyRP® Acceler8® enables users to rapidly amplify BBTV DNA at a single operating temperature using only a crude sample extract. Amplified product is then tested in an Amplicon Detection Chamber where clear "yes / no" results are read visually on a lateral flow strip (much like a pregnancy test). The entire testing process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes by users of any skill level.

AmplifyRP Acceler8 for BBTV is an excellent option for screening mother stock prior to propagating from it and / or for roguing suspect plants in the field.
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Booklet Datasheet | Safety Datasheet