AmplifyRP Acceler8 for TCDVd,Complete Kit


Cat No: ACS 65500/0008




Cat No. ACS 65500/0008
Applications AmplifyRP
Application Notes Test Label: Biotin labeled primer / FITC probe
Test Format: AmplifyRP® Acceler8®
Kit Components Includes:
Acceler8® reaction pellets (8)
Amplicon detection chambers (8)
PD1 Pellet diluent (1.0 ml)
GEB3 sample extraction bags (8)
1µl transfer loops (10)
User Guide
Features & Benefits AmplifyRP® Acceler8® for TCDVd is a rapid RNA amplification and detection platform designed for field-based or laboratory testing of tomato and solanaceous ornamental crops for Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid.

TCDVd is a serious problem in tomato crops due to its ability to reduce yield and produce unmarketable fruit. Solanaceous ornamental crops that harbor the pathogen can serve as an inoculum source for the pathogen which can be transmitted to tomato. Routine testing for the pathogen is useful to help identify the pathogen and prevent its spread.

AmplifyRP® Acceler8® enables users to rapidly amplify TCDVd RNA at a single operating temperature using only a crude sample extract. Amplified product is then tested in an Amplicon Detection Chamber where clear "yes / no" results are read visually on a lateral flow strip (much like a pregnancy test). The entire testing process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes by users of any skill level.

Assay Sensitivity: 100 fg of in vitro transcribed TCDVd or 400 pg of the total plant RNA per reaction.
Assay Specificity: Does not cross-react with other Pospiviroids.
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Booklet Datasheet | Safety Datasheet