ImmunoStrip for Pstew,5 strips with buffer bags


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ImmunoStrip® for Pantoea stewartii (Pstew)

Product Description:

ImmunoStrip for Pstew: The ImmunoStrip for Pstew is a highly dependable and user-friendly diagnostic instrument intended exclusively for the speedy and accurate detection of Pstew, a specific antigen or disease. It was designed with the user in mind to make the process as simple as possible. This item is designed solely for the use of trained professionals in clinical, laboratory, or research environments. Each box has five separate strips inside it, and it also has some handy buffer bags to help make the testing process go more smoothly.


Results That Are Both Rapid and Accurate The ImmunoStrip for Pstew provides results that are both rapid and accurate, allowing for prompt decision-making and effective management of patients.

outstanding Sensitivity and Specificity: The strip has been meticulously engineered to detect even minute levels of Pstew, which ensures that it will have an outstanding level of sensitivity and specificity when recognising the target antigen or pathogen.

User-Friendly Design: The ImmunoStrip was designed to be simple to operate and only requires a small amount of training to become proficient in both its use and its interpretation of test findings. The testing procedure is made much easier by its user-friendly design.

Complete Diagnostic Kit: Each box contains 5 separate strips, allowing for a significant number of separate tests to be performed. In addition, buffer bags are provided, which removes the requirement for separate buffer preparation and simplifies the whole process of testing.

Save Time and Effort with Convenient Buffer Bags: The buffer bags that are included in the kit have been pre-measured and carefully designed for use with the ImmunoStrip, which will save you time and effort. The all-inclusive package makes it possible to conduct tests right away, without the need for any additional preparations.

The ImmunoStrip for Pstew is designed to be durable despite its compact and lightweight nature, which makes it simple to transport and store. The strips are constructed with durable and dependable components thanks to the use of high-quality materials during the manufacturing process.



Cat No. ISK 52000/0005
Applications Rapid Test Kit
Application Notes Test Format: ImmunoStrip® Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Capture Reagent: Polyclonal Detection Reagent: Polyclonal
Kit Components ImmunoStrips®
Sample bags containing SEB1 buffer
User Guide
Features & Benefits The Pantoea stewartii (Pstew) ImmunoStrip® is used to detect the presence of Pstew, the causal agent of Stewart`s Wilt, in corn, jackfruit, and wheat leaves. This test is not validated to test corn seed. ImmunoStrips® are the perfect screening tool for us
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Booklet Datasheet | Safety Datasheet